A Personal Assistant is not quite the same as a carer. A PA or Personal Assistant is someone who is truly personal to a client, is extremely flexible and who will support them with whatever activity, chore or errand they may need a hand with. No uniform, no formality, just good old fashioned support.

A Perfect PA is unique - we are the only homecare service in the UK to employ Personal Assistants in exactly the same way as a care agency would employ their carers. This means that our clients are assured that all our PA’s are fully trained in mandatory and advanced skills, are DBS checked, fully insured and hold business insurance for their cars.

A Personal Assistant is much more flexible than a carer. Yes, they will have a support plan to follow (for us it's called a Personal Action Plan), but every visit can be different and we will do what our client would like to do on that day regardless. An example would be that we would turn up for a housework call, but it’s a lovely day and the client fancies going for a walk – well, a walk it is – cleaning can be done next week!


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