Aims and Objectives

Any individual who uses our service will be treated as an individual and services booked will form part of a Personalised Action Plan (PAP) created with the individual and/or family member and/or professional to ensure understanding of services required and to enable an exceptional level of personalised assistance.

The PAP will be a discussed information sheet containing the individuals likes and dislikes, wants and wishes, personal preferences and requirements. It will also provide vital information on preferred daily routine, hobbies, social interest and preferred activities. It will form a basis of a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management plan. It will contain notes regarding individual health issues but only to ensure that these are made aware to assistants to ensure that customers are safe.

Our services could be booked by a variety of people, the individual themselves, a family member, a broker or referral from a professional. We will work closely with the relative people related or/otherwise, as necessary, with the individual to ensure our services are personal and relevant.

We will aim to provide the right PA for the right individual based on knowledge, experience and preference. We will never insist on a particular PA for an individual – not everyone gets on and we understand that this is not personal just preferential.

We will deal with all complaints regarding a PA or our service immediately and fully.

We will keep transparent records regarding our services provided which will conform to the Data Protection Act and such information will be backed up regularly off site for further protection of information. All computer systems used by the company will have full virus checking systems installed.

We will never handle your money unless it has been pre-arranged.

We will never ask for or expect money from you except for service fees and they will never be given direct to a PA but will always be dealt with by Head Office.

We will never accept or expect gifts from you.

We will never put you at risk or do anything or take you anywhere that you don’t want to go

As we are your very own Mary Poppins – we will promise to supply our own umbrellas!

Shopping Delivery