The Company Code of Conduct for our Personal Assistants

You are a representative of A Perfect PA Limited and a very important link between the individual for whom you support or assist and the Company.

You must always act in such a way as to promote and safeguard the well-being, interests and privacy of our clients.

You must act with honesty and integrity and do nothing which might bring your employer into disrepute.

You must have respect at all times for our clients and for their homes and property.

You must not discuss any information about our clients with anyone other than those involved in their support without the express agreement of the client or those authorised to act on their behalf. The only time this may not apply would be if information was required to be disclosed in order to comply with the Law or if disclosure of the information is deemed essential to uphold the interest and well-being of the individual or those around them.

You must respect the dignity and values of our clients and others and not discriminate against them on the grounds of race, nationality, language, religion or beliefs, age, gender and/or sexual orientation nor on the grounds of social standing or between those who finance their own support and those who do not.

You must take account of the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of all those for whom you support and treat them with respect.

You must work in a professional manner at all times.

If you feel that a colleague is acting in such a way that threatens the physical or emotional well-being of a client you must discuss this with Head Office immediately.

If you receive a complaint from a client or other you must ensure that he/she has a copy of the Company’s Complaints procedure and you must inform Head Office immediately.

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You must report on a regular basis if there are any marked changes in the behavior or physical, mental and/or social condition of a client for whom you are supporting or assisting or if you feel that he/she is not receiving the support they need.

You must report concerns that someone else or another Company or professional is acting in a way that might harm the client.

As A Perfect PA Ltd is not regulated by CQC for personal care you must not initiate or undertake any tasks which would not reasonably be expected to be undertaken by a caring relative or friend. You must not provide any personal or hands on care or administer any medication whether prescribed or topical.

You must never under any circumstances agree to be a signatory to a client’s Will nor should you accept any gifts or gratuities at any time.

You are not permitted to take children, pets or any other person with you to a client’s home.

You must not smoke or consume alcohol whilst on duty.

You must work within A Perfect PA Limited’s Policies and Procedures at all times and in accordance with the requirements of any current legislative best practices. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in full awareness of all Policies and Procedures and any amendments thereof.

"Since starting with Perfect PA, I have found that no two days are the same, I enjoy seeing the joy on clients faces when I arrive, it really makes their day as I may be the only person they see. It is far from a boring job, I love all my customers and the bonds I have gained with them adds to the enjoyment of this role. The idea of doing a few household chores, taking to appointments/shopping or just a coffee and a chat really suits me and I know my customers enjoy it too”

Caron - Personal Assistant

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