The basis of everything we do is companionship and is the reason we were originally created. Companionship is vital for our mental and physical health as well as general wellbeing. Regular social interaction is essential to make sure we don’t feel forgotten or left out. Families are so busy these days and we can ‘bridge’ the gap for everyone by providing vital regular  visits for social or other reasons, whilst at the same time ensuring a loved one is well, safe, healthy and happy.

Personal Care?

We do not provide medication administration or personal care. We do, however, prompt and support clients with this. Why do we not provide this service? There are many care agencies who deal specifically with providing personal care but are unable to support in other ways. We fill that ’gap’, a much needed service to help individuals to remain as independent as they would like, a service that was overlooked in the past and yet is extremely important for people’s mental health and wellbeing. After all, everyone needs a little help sometimes!


We often do shopping with our clients or on their behalf, but we will try to encourage them to come with us if they can, so they can get out and about and choose what they fancy. A Perfect PA is one of the first homecare companies to use Clevacard, a new and totally safe way of ’using’ client’s money to buy things for them that they need without using their cash or bank card. Call us to find out more!

Out and About

To enable us to provide our elite service, all our PA’s have cars with business insurance to be at your service to get out of the house for a while. Garden Centres are a favourite at all times of the year for coffee and cake, but we have enjoyed visiting National Trust properties, shopping trips, Day Centres and even visits to family members or friends for the day. Sometimes it is just nice  to get out for a walk and a chat...


Ask our PA’s, we do a lot of this! We are not professional cleaners; we do not provide cleaning products or equipment but use the client’s preferred choices. We help clients to keep on top of things and if something needs doing we will do it!


Our PA’s can support with booking, cancelling and changing appointments for clients. We can also support clients in getting to the appointment and back again - sometimes staying with them to ensure that any information given is noted. Give us a call and see how we can help.


Ensuring that clients have a hot tea or dinner is a mainstay of our work. It might just be preparing a sandwich or it could be ‘bulk’ cooking fresh home-cooked food for the week to freeze for easy microwaving. Our elite service means that we will always be on the lookout for out of date food in fridges, freezers and cupboards and keep on top of items running out – milk and bread, tea and coffee and of course biscuits - can’t go without these!

Daily Living/Life Skills

Our clients vary in age from 18 to 100 and some have a learning or physical disability or mental health issues which require a more dynamic support plan. This can include, ‘daily living skills’ which can range from going out into the community to build social skills and confidence, to support with accommodation, college and work. We can help with keeping on top of finances, form filling, benefits and virtual wallets right through to eating well, self-care and motivation. 

Plus so much more .....


Happy Clients


Shopping Trips Made


Housework Done


Client Appointments Attended
New Mary Poppins

Everyone Needs a Little Help Sometimes

A Perfect PA was created on the premise that “everyone needs a little help sometimes”.

The company was developed to provide this help - much needed companionship, lots of housework, shopping, paperwork, appointments and getting out and about with clients. We also wanted, very strongly, to ensure that our support followed the edict of Independence, Choice and Control and specifically matched with the client, after all, no-one wants someone fussing around them that they don’t get on with!

We have grown as people, as a family and as a caring business so much since 2017, developing and learning to make our service better and we are so proud of what we offer to you our clients and to our wonderful PA’s.

We are a truly unique service and we pride ourselves on transparent, safe care, working closely with clients, family members and  professionals to ensure a tailored support plan is specific to your needs, your wants and your wishes and not to ours! Support as individual as you are!

We are also active in trying to improve the perception of our Care Industry and especially those carers who work so hard for us all. As such, our PA’s are recognised as Professionals in their field—one day the role of a carer will be acknowledged as a profession, until that time we keep fighting!

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"May I take this opportunity of thanking you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have done, supporting my mum (and dad) at what was a truly difficult time, before our introductions to your company.

Middlesex is incredibly lucky to have you and should you ever embark further afield and end up in Somerset please let us know!”

S Gilbert - client's daughter
A Perfect PA is a family run, unique and elite homecare company. We are trustworthy, hard-working, professional, friendly, caring and supportive and we love spending time with others.
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