What is Homecare?

Broadly speaking...

Homecare or Care at Home, is a broad term for help around the home, your home, but it can cover anything from basic daily support with housework, shopping etc to full personal care, mediation administration and nursing services. Homecare comes in many guises and providers and authorities use different terms to describe it - Home Help, Domiciliary Care, Care at Home, and those that provide the carer can be called - Carers, Personal Assistants, PA's, Support Workers, Healthcare Workers and so on...

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Questions to ask a Homecare Provider

Choosing the right home care provider

Some of the challenges involved in setting up care at home include:

  • Working out what type of support is needed      
  • Choosing the right company or individual to provide the care      
  • Finding carers who are compatible with the person who needs help
  • Getting to grips with complicated fees and charges.  

This guide will help you select the most suitable care provider for your needs.

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What is a Scam?

Scams are a way of cheating people out of their money. The criminals who operate them are sometimes called fraudsters, swindlers or con artists. In this guide, we refer to them as scammers.

A scammer may try to approach you on your doorstep, by post, over the phone or online. They’ll often pretend to be someone they’re not, or make misleading offers of services or investments.

New digital ways of communicating have led to an increasing number of scams – and more people being tricked by them. 

But you can protect yourself by knowing what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect a scam.

Click Here for Age UK's 'Guide to Avoiding Scams'

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