What is a Personal Assistant or PA?

A Personal Assistant is not the same as a carer. A PA or Personal Assistant is someone who is truly personal to a client, is extremely flexible and who will support them with whatever activity, chore or errand they may need a hand with. Traditionally they are self-employed individuals and can be found via specialist Agencies or they might advertise themselves for work.

This is why A Perfect PA is unique. We are the only service in the UK to employ Personal Assistants in exactly the same way as a care agency would employ their carers. This means that our clients are assured that all our PA’s are fully trained in mandatory and advanced skills, are DBS checked, fully insured and hold business insurance for their cars.

A Personal Assistant is much more flexible than a carer. Yes, they will have a support plan to follow, but every visit can be different and we will do what our client would like to do on that day regardless. An example would be that we would turn up for a housework call, but it’s a lovely day and the client fancies going for a walk – well, a walk it is – cleaning can be done next week!

Can I Choose my PA?

Our PA’s work in areas and following assessment we will introduce the PA in your area we feel would match you best. We will also, over time,  introduce another 1 or 2 PA’s so that you can meet others who will support you if your PA is sick or on holiday. We know that not everyone gets on and we know that it is not personal but preferential, so if you do not feel you ‘match’ with the PA we suggest, we will do our best to give you a new one. To be honest, all of our PA’s are truly lovely people, so we think you will be pleased.

What is your Minimum Visit Time?

All visits are a minimum of 1 hour per week. After this 1st hour, visits are charged per 15 minutes.

Do you offer 'Ad-Hoc' visits?

Yes of course, if we are able to accommodate the day and time you would like. We do try to encourage clients to book any appointments during the time they have their PA, but we understand that is not always possible. Please give us as much notice as possible for any ‘adhoc’ calls to give us time to sort out the rota, if we can’t do it we will let you know quickly so that you can make other arrangements or change the appointment.

How do Bank Holidays work?

We charge 1½ times the hourly rate for Bank Holidays and we pay the same to our PA’s. We will always ring you in advance of Bank Holidays to see if you want your call if it falls on that day. If you would prefer to cancel it there will be no charge and if we can, we will move it to another day for you.

How do I pay for my service?

Our preferred method of payment is Direct Debit. We can accept Bank Transfer or payments over the phone. We do not accept cheques or cash. Invoices are raised on the 21st of the month and should reach you within 2 days. Any invoice queries will be dealt with quickly regardless of how you pay, so if you are on Direct Debit and an incorrect amount has been charged we will instantly refund you. We can work with clients on Virtual Wallets or Direct Payments.

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What is your Cancellation Policy?

We ask that you inform us of cancellation as early as possible and we make no charge for cancellations received 48hrs before your visit. Please see our Terms & Conditions for Service for our full policy.

Are your PA's vaccinated against Covid-19?

As a company we strongly believe in vaccination to ensure we protect ourselves, our families and our clients. We therefore encourage all our PA’s to be vaccinated and will provide that information to you regarding your PA as required.

Are your PA's paid minimum wage?

Our PA’s are paid above minimum wage as well as travel allowance. They are all Contracted which means they get paid for a full day’s work, not just the hours they are with you — this is very important to us!

Can I contact my PA direct?

We respectfully ask that all calls come through Head Office. Our PA’s may be at another client when you want to talk to them or they may be off. Head Office is open 5 days a week, so we can answer any of your queries, get a message to your PA, book extra calls or cancellations or even just have a chat!

Will you still visit during Pandemics or Epidemics?

Yes we will. Like any traditional care agency we worked through COVID providing the same service and support that we always offer. We follow the guidance provided by the Government, the UK Health Security Agency and your local Authority during any pandemic or epidemic situation including heat, cold and weather warnings. We will still wear masks if you would like us to and we still continue to observe hand hygiene on entering and leaving any client’s property. If you have COVID we will still visit but with increased PPE—we won’t leave you alone!

What is Clevacard?

We are one of the first homecare companies to offer this as a way to safeguard your money. Clevacard is a virtual card that our PA’s hold. You upload funds as required, via your preferred payment method and the PA can use those funds to buy things on your behalf. It stops PA’s from using your personal card or cash which is not safe for you or your PA. You will be sent a monthly statement showing any spending and funds made as well as copies of receipts.

What if I am not happy with your service?

We have a robust compliments and complaints policy. Of course, everyone loves a compliment but complaints are extremely important as it is a way for us to learn what we are doing wrong and put it right. We encourage you to let us know how we and your PA are doing but we will formally contact you by email or letter, twice a year, to check how we can improve our service to you. We do the same with our PA’s through regular appraisals and supervisions to ensure they are happy in their work and that we are supporting them. If you are not happy about the way we handled your complaint, you can report us to the Homecare Association and to your local Authority who will look into the issues on your behalf.


"Since starting with Perfect PA, I have found that no two days are the same, I enjoy seeing the joy on clients faces when I arrive, it really makes their day as I may be the only person they see. It is far from a boring job, I love all my customers and the bonds I have gained with them adds to the enjoyment of this role. The idea of doing a few household chores, taking to appointments/shopping or just a coffee and a chat really suits me and I know my customers enjoy it too”

Caron - Personal Assistant

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