A Perfect PA is a unique, family run home support company who prides itself on being trustworthy, hardworking, professional, friendly, caring and supportive and we love spending time with others.

"Support As Unique As You Are!"

Welcome to A Perfect PA. My name is Sarah and I created this unique company in 2017.

Having worked in the care industry for many years, I was becoming aware of a ‘gap’ that was not being filled by traditional care agencies due to time restraints. The ‘gap’ was simple—not everyone that requires some help to stay at home and keep independent needs personal care and it is still true today.

So, built on the premise that “everyone needs a little help sometimes”, I created A Perfect PA to fill this gap, providing much needed companionship, lots of housework, shopping, paperwork and getting out and about with clients. I also wanted, very strongly, to ensure that our support followed the edict of Independence, Choice and Control and specifically matched with the client, after all, no-one wants someone fussing around them that they don’t get on with!

"From our Family to Yours!"

We have grown as people, as a family and as a caring business so much since 2017, developing and learning to make our service better and I am so proud of what we offer to you our clients and to our wonderful PA’s.

We are a truly unique service and we pride ourselves on transparent, safe care, working closely with clients, family members and professionals to ensure a tailored support plan is specific to your needs, your wants and your wishes and not to ours! Support as individual as you are!

We are also active in trying to improve the perception of our Care Industry and especially those carers who work so hard for us all. As such, our PA’s are recognised by us as Professionals in their field—one day the role of a carer will be acknowledged as a profession, until that time we keep fighting!

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Personalised Action Plan (PAP)

Any person who uses our service will be treated as an individual and services booked will form part of a Personalised Action Plan (PAP) created with the individual and/or family member and/or professional to ensure understanding of services required and to enable an exceptional level of personalised assistance.

The PAP will be a discussed information sheet containing the individuals likes and dislikes, wants and wishes, personal preferences and requirements. It will also provide vital information on preferred daily routine, hobbies, social interest and preferred activities. It will form a basis of a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management plan. It will contain notes regarding individual health issues but only to ensure that these are made aware to assistants to ensure that customers are safe.


Happy Clients


Shopping Trips Made


Housework Done


Client Appointments Attended

“Dear Sarah

        … I will also take this opportunity of thanking ‘A Perfect PA’ for the first class help you and your ladies provide.

They do bring a touch of laughter and happiness which I enjoy so much”

P Smith - client