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We can provide 1:1 personalised companionship either at home or out and about. Helping with housework, laundry or taking you shopping or to appointments. We can collect your prescriptions and ensure that you are safe and comfortable and not alone. We love people and we love to chat and would be happy spending time with you to discuss daily events and news. We can introduce you to others in the community or just spend time with you doing what you would like to do. We have cars – we can drive anywhere, perhaps a day out or meeting friends.

We work with young adults or adults with learning or physical disabilities or mental health issues, by providing vital daily living skills - learning the importance of money and understanding using it, interaction with others in the community, travel training and even cooking skills. We can provide 1:1 support to young adults whilst at college, school or work.

With close links to Local Authorities we can follow up on any needs we feel should be addressed after discussion with the family or customer including arranging equipment repairs, Occupational Therapy or Physio Assessments, GP and Hospital Appointments and if necessary ongoing Health Assessments. We can assist with benefits, bills, contacting companies on their/your behalf and ensuring that our customers are safe in their own home.

Family Members

It can be hard worrying about a loved one you don’t live with and we all have busy lives. We can be your assistant – visiting your loved one and checking they are doing well and are safe and happy. We will happily report back to you so you can rest assured that when you aren’t around someone else can be there for you both.

Sometimes it’s as easy as us visiting on a regular basis, to sit and chat, make a cup of tea and listen – sometimes that’s all it takes to raise a smile! But of course, we can carry out housework, shopping, collecting prescriptions or getting them to appointments on time – we can even make dinner!


More and more of us are caring for our loved ones at home and although we would never change it and will fight to defend our wish to do it, we all need a little down time, even a little ‘me’ time. We can provide you with that by ‘taking over’ for a while in your home or taking your loved one out and about for a while – to give you the time to recharge your batteries, so important for your own wellbeing.

This can also give your loved one a new relationship to interact with and possibly the option to experience different people and places – we can even provide daily living skills along the way if required.

Home from Hospital (Re-Enablement / Enablement Services)

Returning home after a stay in hospital can be a worrying time both for the individual concerned and family members. The need for support may not have been there before and because a hospital stay could be unexpected, plans for what to do next may not have had time to formulate.

It may be that the support to get you back to independence is only for a short time - preparing the house for your return, cleaning and stocking up with essentials, a drop in service to check you are okay, stay and chat or perhaps make a cup of tea or dinner. At these times it important to re-build the independence that you had before that hospital trip – through 1:1 support we can provide the confidence you need, step by step, to get back on your feet again.


It’s true – life is busier than ever – its official and we all need a bit of assistance at times. Especially if as a family you are also providing care for your loved ones.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders for a while – perhaps a bit of respite to allow you to go out and be yourself for a while, housework, washing, ironing, shopping or even collecting and carrying, we can give you back that bit of quality time that we all lose during our hectic lives.

and much more.....

As an elite home care service, not providing personal care, we have the time and flexibility to provide the support you want, when you want it. It really is all about you and what support you need or just want.

Since 2017 we have supported some amazing clients with some fantastic events.

Helping the Colonel to get ready for Remembrance Sunday, polishing his shoes and medals whilst enjoying hearing his story of D-Day and then proudly watching his parade.

Taking a client to London for the day as she was struggling to go on her own with her wheelchair—taking in all the sites, eating, drinking and more importantly, having fun.

We go swimming, to Legoland, Windsor Castle and nights out at the theatre. We have even supported a client with her beautiful new baby to help her be the best mum ever!


Happy Clients


Shopping Trips Made


Housework Done


Client Appointment Attended

"I was introduced to A Perfect PA Ltd and they have been visiting me for several months now. I can honestly say that they have been a God-send: caring, helpful and trustworthy. They not only help with my practical cleaning but also listen to my worries and concerns. Where possible advice would be given and pointing me to further help. They are very respectful to my home and my feelings. On my recent bereavement, they remembered me and sent a message of condolence. I would recommend them to anyone."

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