What is Homecare?

Broadly speaking..

Homecare is a broad term for help around the home, your home – but it covers everything from daily basic assistance (cooking, housework) to full personal care including medication administration and at times nursing services. Homecare comes in many guises and agencies and authorities use different terms to describe it – Personal Assistance, Domiciliary Care, Home Help, Carers, Support Workers, Personal Assistants and even Care Attendants. Each ‘agency’ will offer services for you based on your Care Plan, created either by you, your family or your Social Worker and there are many different types of Homecare agencies out there.

Stay at home – keep your independence..

Homecare is very flexible as your needs will not be the same as someone else so it must fit your individuality and into your lifestyle whilst taking into account any care needs you may have. As an option to stay at home and not go into a care setting it is a fantastic way to keep your independence whilst enjoying the security of knowing that someone will be there when you need them. It is also cost effect because you pay only for the assistant you require.

Funding for homecare services.

Many individuals or family members pay privately for their support but if you are eligible for assistant with Homecare services via your Local Authority they may arrange the service themselves. However, even if this is the case you can choose not to use their service, but instead take funding in the form of a Direct Payment or a Personal Budget which will allow you to choose your own Homecare provider, giving you or your family full control to exercise your choice in the support, care and/or assistance you received.

Choose well – ask questions!

So, you or your family have decided to invest in some quality at home assistance – now is the time to question question question! Make sure you get what you want and don’t ever be afraid to say that you don’t like something or are not happy with the service you are receiving or with the person giving you the support – remember, a good Homecare agency will not see this as a personal attack on their staff but more a case of ‘we don’t all get on’ and they should arrange for a new individual for you immeidately. The best agencies will also aim for consistency in the person who visits you – ask what happens if that person is off sick? If you are unsure what questions to ask, see our Blog on What Questions to Ask a Homecare Provider or alternatively there are many websites which can assist – the NHS ones I find are the best.

Take the help – you deserve it.

Many of us don’t like to admit that we need help but we all need assistance at some time in our lives and at those times its important that we get the help we need – not what others think and not more or less than is required. Don’t shy away from help – a good Homecare Company will make you feel supported, safe, secure, comfortable and will help you enjoy the assistance you receive – they will promote your independence and help you gain back the quality of life you wish for and deserve.









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