At any stage in our lives we can experience a period of time where we feel lonely. The times when we haven’t had a companion with us to do simple things like go out to the movies, go out for dinner, go shopping or just simply having someone there to talk about the day.

What is Loneliness?

It can affect any generation – a teenager who is missing out on parties and socialising for the next month because their parents have grounded them to an elderly widow whose children no longer live at home and are not able to pop in as often as they used to. Two extremes I know, but there are no rules on loneliness as it is an individual emotion. It has been said that you can feel lonely even amongst friends.

There is something about us as a human race that we crave so much for company and interaction, even just one whole day on our own can drive us mad.

How to combat loneliness

When the people you normally spend time with are busy for whatever reason, you often find yourself trying to make plans with people you haven’t seen in over a year! Why? Because we LOVE company and companionship. How many times have you met someone you haven’t seen for a while and managed to have a fifteen-minute conversation about the weather! That is small talk and sometimes small talk is all it takes to combat loneliness.

When a stranger, neighbour, or even a distant friend tries to engage in a conversation with you, that could indicate loneliness and a desire for that person to have interaction with another individual. So, if your neighbour waves to you in the street, go and chat – ask how their day was – sometimes small talk is the best talk.

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